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How many days did it take to get a US Passport?

How many days did it take to get a US Passport?

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If you have recently applied for and received your US Passport we would love to know how many calendar days it took from submitting application to receiving it.

We use this data to calculate a crowd sourced average waiting time which will help people applying for their passport to get an indication of what the current wait times are. Whilst the U.S Department of State do give a guideline this does not take into account mail times and also delays due to high volumes. Our crowd sourced average reflects the current situation and wait times.

Submit how long your passport application took and enter into our prize draw.

We have created lots of interest with our concept in the travel industry. By contributing you will be in line for some exclusive travel discounts and will also get automatic entry into our prize draw. To receive these offers and enter our draw simply enter the number of days your U.S Passport application took.