Passport Processing Time

If you are looking to find out how long it takes to get a passport you are in the right place. We provide daily updates of the average US Passport wait time. We provide averages for first passports, renewals, child passports and expedited applications.

Below you will be able to view all the latest passport processing times. We calculate the average passport processing times from recent applicants timelines that we crowd source via this website and social media.

The current average processing time is 22 days for a passport renewal.

You can view wait times of different types of passport including expedited applications below.

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Latest Passport Waiting Times

Current average passport processing times are displayed below.
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Current Passport Processing Times

How do we know how long passports are currently taking?

We crowd source data via our website and also Twitter to provide you with an estimate of what the current passport processing times are. Whilst it is not a precise indication of when you will receive your passport it will certainly give you some idea of how long you may need to wait based on other people who have recently applied and received their passport. On this website we provide daily updates of passport processing times and also feedback, tips and advice about applying for your passport.

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Passport Processing Timeline

We calculate an average of the last 31 days of user tweets and website submissions to display a passport processing timeline.
Waiting for you passport, especially if you have already booked your vacation, can be very stressful so hopefully with the help of our contributors our figure can give you a fairly accurate indication to how long passports are taking. You can also read recent applicant passport timelines which we update regularly which includes information about which passport agency has processed the passport.

Current Average U.S Passport Processing Times:

Passport Processing Times

Are you curious about how long it takes to get a passport? Well, we collect data from recent applicants to give you an idea how long it currently takes to get a passport. Our platform offers daily updates on the current wait times for passport processing.

Are you planning an exciting international trip or need to renew your passport for business or personal reasons? Navigating the process of obtaining a passport can be stressful, especially when it comes to anticipating how long it will take. That’s where passportwaitingtime.com comes in.

At passportwaitingtime.com, we understand the importance of accurate information when it comes to planning your travel adventures or ensuring you have the necessary documentation for international travel. We crowdsource passport wait times from individuals just like you who have recently applied for or renewed their passports across the United States. Our platform provides up-to-date information on passport processing times from various passport agencies and acceptance facilities across the United States. You can rely on our community-driven data to make informed decisions about when and where to apply for your passport.

We rely on the collective input of travelers like you. By sharing your recent passport application or renewal experiences, you’re not only helping yourself but also assisting fellow travelers in planning their journeys.

Note: passportwaitingtime.com is not affiliated with any government agency. We provide a platform for users to share their passport application experiences and access crowdsourced data on passport wait times. F

Find out below how long passports are taking.

Current Passport Processing Times

Average wait times below are for standard applications
1st Adult Passport: 25 days
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Adult Passport Renewal : 21 days
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Child Passport: 25 days
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Expedited Passport Time

Average wait times below are for expedited applications
1st Adult Passport : 15 days
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Adult Passport Renewal : 14 days
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Child Passport : 15 days
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All of the times shown are calendar days.
All of the average times above have been calculated from recent applicant data which we crowd source via this website and social media.
We are an independent website and have no link with U.S Department of state.

How long does it take to get a passport?
Current Passport Processing Times

How long does a passport take?

We work out an average of how long it takes to get a passport from recent applicant data.

On the Travel State Gov website you can view the estimated times the government advise. This includes routine application, expedited and expedited at agency. Whilst this does serve as a guideline, passport processing times can vary depending on time of year, agency and how many passports they need to process. Therefore our crowd sourced average gives a more accurate indication of how long it takes to get a passport. View how long it currently takes to get a passport.

See below for other passport types.

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    How long does it take to renew a passport?

    The current average US Passport renewal time is 23 days for standard applications.

    We display data for US adult passport renewal and also child renewal processing times. The renewal time is calculated from submitting application to the date that you actually receive it back. Our data shows that passport renewal times are slightly quicker than first passport applications.

    What is a Passport Application Locator Number?

    A Passport Application Locator Number serves as a unique identifier for each passport application submitted. This alphanumeric code is generated upon the initiation of the application process and is crucial for tracking the status of the application throughout its journey. From the locator number you can work out which agency is processing your application. This is useful to know as different passport agencies processing times can vary slightly.

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    How do I know which agency is processing my application?

    To find out which agency is processing your passport you just need to check the first 2 digits of your nine-digit passport application locator number. Our forum has a designated page which lists all of the locator numbers for each agency so you can easily find out which agency is processing your passport.

    Why is my passport taking longer than the average?

    The figure shown is an average so does take in to account some people receive theirs in a matter of days whilst others have to wait weeks. We do not have any information as to why some take longer than the stated average. If you have are waiting longer than you expected then you may be able to find help on our forum where other users share their experiences and individual circumstances as to why they have had to wait longer.

    Contribute to Passport Waiting Times

    There are 2 ways to share your experience. It you are an avid Tweeter you can simply use the hashtag #usapassporttime and tweet the number of days (not weeks) it took for your passport to arrive from your application. If you would rather be more anonymous you can fill out the form in the right margin of this page.

    Types of Passport Application

    We provide average passport processing times for Expedited Applications, Adult Renewals, First Adult Passport and First Child Passport (Under 16’s and 16-17 Year olds). Generally these times are not too far apart but by crowd sourcing we can provide a fairly accurate passport turnaround time for each type of application. U.S Department of State do offer guidelines for each of these passport applications but this does not reflect busy times of the year whereas our average is updated every 2 to 3 days depending on amount of data received.

    What is the average waiting time for a Passport?

    The figure in our title above shows you the latest average waiting time for a U.S passport. This is updated on a daily basis after a calculation of the last 30 days of user data.

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