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    If you have received your passport please post how long it took from application to receiving it.


    I applied in person on June 11, 2021 (San Antonio, TX) and received my passport on July 16, 2021. I paid with a money order instead of a personal check, and my passport was processed in Charleston, SC. Application to receipt was a total of 35 days.

    June 11 – Application (San Antonio, TX)
    June 17 – Processing
    July 14 – Approved, Shipped
    July 16 – Received (Austin, TX)

    A couple more details: I am an adult, and this is my first passport, not a renewal. I did pay for expedited service but I did not pay for the upgraded shipping, and it still arrived in 2 days.

    Hope this helps!


    Passport Timeline (Expedited) from Texas processed in NH office

    Total time from application to passport in hand was 4 weeks (28 days exactly).

    7/23/21 – sent application by priority mail, for expedited service plus 1-2 day return fee.

    7/28/21 – system shows “In Process”, check cashed day before

    8/19/21 – requested help from my congressman and senator, no reply so not sure if anything was done on my behalf. I also was able to book an appointment for the Houston office for 8/27 (72 hours from departure date). I was on hold for over an hour but glad I got a spot.

    8/23/21 – system still shows “In Process” but I called the NH office at 603-427-3100, option 2 then option 3 and someone picked up right away. I asked if there were any delays with my application that may not show up on the system and they said it had been approved and book was printing that day.

    8/24/21 – called the NH office back and received a UPS tracking number to be delivered overnight.

    8/25/21 – passport received (documents should come later)

    Final thoughts, find the direct number to the location handling your application and call them to get a more accurate status. I never did hear back from my congress or senator’s office so not sure if they intervened but I still recommend it. I didn’t call them because my last resort was keeping the in-person appointment but if you are not close to an office or can’t get an appointment, I recommend calling your state representative for assistance.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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