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June 11, 2021

Latest USA Passport Processing Times 11th June 2021

First Adult Passport: 32.51 days

Adult Passport Renewal: 32.04 days

First Child (Under 16): 26.94 days

First Child (16-17): 23.29 days

Expedited Application: 15.53 days

(Crowd sourced data for last 30 days)

One Reply to “Latest USA Passport Processing Times 11th June 2021”

  1. cathy frigon says: 06/30/2021 at 10:35 pm

    I sent out my renewals back at the end of April. The website said between 10-12 weeks to get them back. It is now the end of June and haven’t receive it yet I even called to pay the expedited fee but nothing has change it still says 12 weeks on their website update. I go on vacay August 1st. if I dont what can I do? should I call them after the 12 weeks which is a week before our trip to see what they can do for me? I am getting really nervous

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