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I figured I would share my experience, since this forum helped me. We have travel plans on Sept. 30th, 2021. On August 23, 2021 I realized my son’s passport was expired (I forgot kids passports are only good for 5 years!).

Kids passports must be renewed in person. Due to Covid, there are no walk-in passport services in my area. I went online and all of the post offices within 50 miles of me were booked 3 weeks out. I even drove to a couple to see if I would have better luck making a appointment in person. No luck, all appointments are done online. I just kept looking and refreshing my search and a appointment happened to open up the very next day! Here is the timeline;

Aug. 23rd- started searching for a appointment at local post offices. Very lucky to find one the next day.
Aug. 24th- Applied at the post office. Paid for expedited service and 2nd day mail both directions.
Aug. 28th- Passport was delivered to the agency.
Aug. 31st- Passport processing….
Sept. 8th- Called my congressman’s office and left a message with the person who helps with passports. (did not receive a call back)
Sept. 13th- Called my congressman’s office a second time, they gave me the email address of the person who helps with passport services and I shot him a email.
Sept. 15th- received a response and sent back the documents they needed to speak with the Secretary of State on my behalf.
Sept. 17th- Called the passport agency at 5:00am (I’m on the west coast and they open at 8am) to make a emergency appointment (must be made within 2 weeks of travel). Received a emergency appointment for Sept. 27th.
Sept. 23rd- Received a email from my congressman’s office that my son’s passport was issued and overnighted.
Sept. 24th- Passport arrived, and I cancelled my emergency appointment.

Total turn around time door to door was 30 days.

We can finally look forward to our trip. We leave in 6 days!