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How long did you wait for expedited?

How long did you wait for expedited?

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    I am going to Portugal October 13
    2021 and needed to renew passport.
    Express mailed all documents to Philadelphia expedite office with
    Required Fees Saturday August 28 2021.
    What’s interesting is the government
    Website has a waiting time of 12-18
    Weeks and this website is approximately
    30-35 days. It seems if everything runs smoothly the passport should arrive before
    Departure. Please advise if their is anything I can do to make sure the process
    Will help me obtain the passport in a timely manner.
    Thank you forum members


    Just updating my passport did arrive today.



    That is great news congratulations!
    It’s encouraging because 30-33
    Days is the website’s estimate.

    Thanks for the update


    I was pleasantly surprised at the relatively speedy turnaround. I mailed my expedited renewal application on 7/28/21 from the Newark, NJ PO (express mail both ways). I just received the new passport (extra pages version) today, 08/30/21. So a total of 33 days, not including today. Great work and hats off to the passport processing folks at the State Department.

    Curtis Smith

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    That is great news!!
    I am cautiously optimistic
    About having the same results
    If my renewal application is received and processed Without any problems.
    Its seems the expediting services don’t have any real advantage.If anyone has
    More information about this please
    Share with the forum.



    Hi everyone my passport was approved and is arriving 9/14/21


    Hi everyone so the timeline for my expedited lost passport:
    Submitted 8/10/21
    Received and in-process 8/13/21
    Received 9/10/21
    Travel plans 10/09/21
    in total 4 weeks


    I figured I would share my experience, since this forum helped me. We have travel plans on Sept. 30th, 2021. On August 23, 2021 I realized my son’s passport was expired (I forgot kids passports are only good for 5 years!).

    Kids passports must be renewed in person. Due to Covid, there are no walk-in passport services in my area. I went online and all of the post offices within 50 miles of me were booked 3 weeks out. I even drove to a couple to see if I would have better luck making a appointment in person. No luck, all appointments are done online. I just kept looking and refreshing my search and a appointment happened to open up the very next day! Here is the timeline;

    Aug. 23rd- started searching for a appointment at local post offices. Very lucky to find one the next day.
    Aug. 24th- Applied at the post office. Paid for expedited service and 2nd day mail both directions.
    Aug. 28th- Passport was delivered to the agency.
    Aug. 31st- Passport processing….
    Sept. 8th- Called my congressman’s office and left a message with the person who helps with passports. (did not receive a call back)
    Sept. 13th- Called my congressman’s office a second time, they gave me the email address of the person who helps with passport services and I shot him a email.
    Sept. 15th- received a response and sent back the documents they needed to speak with the Secretary of State on my behalf.
    Sept. 17th- Called the passport agency at 5:00am (I’m on the west coast and they open at 8am) to make a emergency appointment (must be made within 2 weeks of travel). Received a emergency appointment for Sept. 27th.
    Sept. 23rd- Received a email from my congressman’s office that my son’s passport was issued and overnighted.
    Sept. 24th- Passport arrived, and I cancelled my emergency appointment.

    Total turn around time door to door was 30 days.

    We can finally look forward to our trip. We leave in 6 days!


    Going to Vienna 12/27/2021

    Sent off passport expedited mail: 09/22/2021
    Arrived in Philadelphia: 09/25/2021
    In Process: 09/28/2021


    Going to Quebec City from Maine this weekend 02-04 Oct 21.

    Applied: 1 Sept 2021
    Accepted: 3 Sept 2021
    Approved: 28 Sept 2021 (after calling my local congresswoman’s office MON 27 Sept, she didn’t even need to call the NH office)
    Received: 01 Oct 2021 !! Just in time for our drive up Sat 02 Oct!! <3

    ALSO: note that expedited passport wait times are now 12 weeks on the website, so expect it to be about 6 weeks of processing instead of 4. And be sure to book with a site that allows for free cancellations or changes just in case things change. I’m still waiting for my covid test results for example.



    My application was accepted September 2
    But my application says “in process”.
    What date did you receive an approval
    Email? And did you receive another
    Notification about when passport was sent?


    Hi everyone waiting for their passport! I mailed my expedited passport application (adult first passport application, my first passport was issued before age of 16) on 10/04/2021, it’s delivered 10/05/2021 and went into processing 10/06/2021, I got trip on 11/15/2021, is there anyway to speed up my application? I will also keep updating my passport status, thanks everyone!



    If you havent received the passport by the 1st or 2nd of November, contact your local congressman/congresswoman that assists their constituents if you have one and they can help further expedite it


    Mailed in for passport renewal 7/7. In process 8/3. Upgraded to expedited on 9/7 and finally called my congressperson 10/4 after no progress. Credit card was charged the expedite and return shipping fee on 10/8 but the status online has not changed. We are supposed to travel in a week and I’m getting worried! How long after they charge your card the return shipping fee should I expect to get it?


    Hi everyone just received my new passport in mail, here’s my experience:
    10/04/2021 passport application shipped and expedited (adult first passport)
    10/05/2021 application arrived Philadelphia passport center
    10/06/2021 application status turned into “in process”
    10/22/2021 new passport received in mail, the passport issue date is Oct 20 2021.

    The funny thing is my online status still shows “in process” not sure what they did after they upgraded the system.

    Hope this will help! Thanks!

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