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    Let me give you a timeline, keep in mind that my trip is scheduled for 6/25/21 11:59pm:

    * We applied for daughter’s passport on 5/19/21 and paid for expedited service and shipping
    * As of 6/21/21 website showed as “Processing”.
    * I contacted my US Representative for assistance on 6/17/21. Here’s a website to locate who your rep is : https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative
    * An assistant to the rep asked me (on 6/17/21)to fill out a Privacy Act Authorization Form to send out to US National Passport Center to hurry them up. They didn’t do anything
    *Unfortunately, the Passport Center was closed on 6/18 (Juneteenth) and the assistant was off and returned on 6/23
    * I called the Rep on 6/23 and I don’t know who she called but they printed my daughter’s passport that very moment.
    *It shipped on 6/24 and arrived this morning (6/25) via UPS Next Day Air.

    If you are in a similar situation, contact your Congress Representative. They can help! They can hurry them up. Don;t lose your trip. It worked for me. I am now packing to leave in a few hours (:


    Good news! Paid for expedited service and mailing… sent off application on June 9th, says it started processing on June 15, now says application approved and should arrive by 7/07/21. So, from the time it mailed, it took exactly 28 days. Hope this helps!


    I applied for routine renewal May 12, my application was received on May 15 at the National Passport Center. I requested it to be upgraded to expedited on June 28 as a trip I was taking was going to require an extra visa. On July 27, it had not been upgraded so I contacted my Congressman office to see if they could make an inquiry and speed things up. Once they got involved, it was less than a week and I now have my passport as of August 10. Based on what is going on with the agencies, I have no doubt that had my Congressman not gotten involved, that I could be still waiting a while. I would recommend spending the extra money to apply expedited to begin with.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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