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    Let me give you a timeline, keep in mind that my trip is scheduled for 6/25/21 11:59pm:

    * We applied for daughter’s passport on 5/19/21 and paid for expedited service and shipping
    * As of 6/21/21 website showed as “Processing”.
    * I contacted my US Representative for assistance on 6/17/21. Here’s a website to locate who your rep is : https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative
    * An assistant to the rep asked me (on 6/17/21)to fill out a Privacy Act Authorization Form to send out to US National Passport Center to hurry them up. They didn’t do anything
    *Unfortunately, the Passport Center was closed on 6/18 (Juneteenth) and the assistant was off and returned on 6/23
    * I called the Rep on 6/23 and I don’t know who she called but they printed my daughter’s passport that very moment.
    *It shipped on 6/24 and arrived this morning (6/25) via UPS Next Day Air.

    If you are in a similar situation, contact your Congress Representative. They can help! They can hurry them up. Don;t lose your trip. It worked for me. I am now packing to leave in a few hours (:


    Good news! Paid for expedited service and mailing… sent off application on June 9th, says it started processing on June 15, now says application approved and should arrive by 7/07/21. So, from the time it mailed, it took exactly 28 days. Hope this helps!


    I applied for routine renewal May 12, my application was received on May 15 at the National Passport Center. I requested it to be upgraded to expedited on June 28 as a trip I was taking was going to require an extra visa. On July 27, it had not been upgraded so I contacted my Congressman office to see if they could make an inquiry and speed things up. Once they got involved, it was less than a week and I now have my passport as of August 10. Based on what is going on with the agencies, I have no doubt that had my Congressman not gotten involved, that I could be still waiting a while. I would recommend spending the extra money to apply expedited to begin with.


    I pre-registered for the online passport renewal portal for government employees. Once it’s been tested out, it is supposed to go public. I sent in my application online on June 10th. I received confirmation and in process emails the same day and my credit card was also charged the same day.

    As of today, it still says, “In Process” but I’ll try to update you when the status changes.

    By the way, the online process was a breeze. It took me about 5 minutes. Most of that was going through the digital photo tool. My photo was taken with my iPhone.

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Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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